How Ayahuasca Can Heal Depression – A Resource of Articles and Studies

Ayahuasca has attracted lots of attention in recent years throughout the Western wold. It’s known as a powerful psychoactive plant medicine and has a rich history of use among indigenous communities of the Amazon basin for deep, lasting powerful healing. It’s been known to heal a broad range of physical and emotional issues and help people to come back to a state of feeling whole. 

We’ve collected some insightful articles from those conducting research into it’s effectiveness in treating depression for you here. 

At Gaia Tree, we provide a space for deep personal transformation, supporting the process of inner growth and connection. We hope you enjoy this collection of research into the treatment of depression. Ayahuasca may be too radical for most health organisations, we see many people taking the responsibility for their own healing and going on their own journey of healing with Ayahuasca.