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About Gaia Tree Center

Please note : The Gaia Tree Center is not currently operating retreats. 

Gaia Tree Center is an Ayahuasca retreat center born of the vision to share the path of growth, healing and deep transformation with others through these ancient plant medicines and the indigenous traditions of our maestros. We complement indigenous traditional healing traditions with deep body mind integration practices suitable for outsiders to come into this space and maximise their learning and growth potential. This is all in the context of absolute respect for the indigenous culture, so you will not find new-agey, un-grounded, esoteric, neo-shamanic practices at the center.

Gaia Tree Healing Center offers an immersive jungle environment to connect deeply with these sacred plant teachers for deep healing – offering authentic, quality retreats for a great. Typical jungle lodges around us charge several hundred dollars a night to be immersed in dense jungle.

Together at Gaia Tree, we create a space for deep, long lasting healing to occur. Having been on this journey of transformation, we understand the space needed for processing and integrating the insights and experiences that Ayahusca will take you on.

The Team

Our experienced team at Gaia Tree Center have a combined 10+ years experience in operating Ayahuasca retreats in Peru and even longer in holistic healing practices.

Andy has been organising and facilitating Ayahuasca retreats since 2011 after many years of self-discovery with medicine plants. He moved to Peru in 2009, and since then his mission has been connecting people to this sacred plant medicine and indigenous maestros in a natural jungle setting, in the most authentic possible way. Welcoming over a thousand visitors to date.

Omkar has taken his journey on the wings of Ayahuasca and meditation, a dance with Shamanic plant teachers and meditation from the East over the last twenty years. Learning from many mystical traditions whilst travelling and living in different parts of the world for the last 14 years. Now helping people to connect deeper through meditation, deep emotional healing and personal therapies as he travels across India, Europe and South America.

Gaia Tree Center is where this deep healing and transformation is realised, connecting sacred plant teachers with a rich understanding and insight of the inner dimensions to facilitate profound inner growth. It’s our pleasure and privilege to share the journey you. We help you go deep with this sacred medicine at the same time as giving you powerful tools for expansion of consciousness and deep grounding of the energies that will open and expand. We believe in safe, responsible ways of working with these ancient traditions and understand the particular needs of people feeling called to the Amazon basin to go through this deep healing process.



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