yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Ayahuasca Retreat Center - Authentic Ayahuasca Retreats near Iquitos, Peru
yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Ayahuasca Retreat Center - Authentic Ayahuasca Retreats near Iquitos, Peru

Transformative Ayahuasca Retreat Center in the heart of the Amazon

Gaia Tree Center is a trusted Ayahuasca center offering traditional shamanic healing with plant medicine – we offer immersive retreats with native shaman, focussed on integration for profound soul shifts.

We’re dedicated to providing a safe, supportive space where you can fully immerse yourself in this ancient healing path to live a higher version of yourself.

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Gaia Tree provides healing that goes directly to the energetic, psychological and spiritual core of any imbalance, dis-ease or disorder in your life – aiding your journey of self-discovery, growth and spiritual evolution.

Retreats focus on traditional plant shamanism, supported by modern Western therapeutic and Eastern psycho-spiritual meditative and body-mind integration practices to ensure you take the transformation with you into your life.

Since our inception, we’ve been committed to providing the deepest, safest and integrative holistic ayahausca healing retreats in the Amazon at a very affordable cost.

Everyone involved in Gaia Tree is passionate about creating a profound healing journey and supporting the transformation of our fellow travelers on this journey to whole-ness in a supportive, loving and professional way.

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The pillars of our unique process
– Healing and growth
– Inspiration and ecstasy
– Community and connection with others on the path

– Our dedicated shaman and experienced facilitators provide a supportive space for shadow and light work, for soul re-alignment.
– By connecting body, mind and spirit, we aid transformation on all layers – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

The benefit for you?
– You can do this all in a loving, fun, family like and professional space where you can really open and be yourself. A supportive, grounded, safe space for you to heal and transform with ayahuasca and integrate the experience in your life

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Ayahuasca Retreat Center - Authentic Ayahuasca Retreats near Iquitos, Peru

Top Rated Trusted, Authentic Ayahuasca retreat

Retreats are affordable without compromise on quality or safety. We’re proud to support you in this powerful, transformative healing process – with amazing healers using only the best quality plant medicines.
We are one of the few legally operating centers and ensure our community benefits from our operation. You also support our community outreach program to support education in our remote jungle community when you join us.

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Guest Reviews

“I would like to thank Cei Cei for her love and compassion. I did two retreats at the Gaia Tree and consider it home. It was a full range of emotions and experiences. I’m grateful that Madre Ayahuasca called on me to begin my spiritual journey. She is always present with me. The Gaia Tree is love from the workers, facilitators, neighbors, shamans, and children. The Gaia Tree is very dear to my heart. The Amazon changed my life forever. Lots of love and gratitude for Peru, the people, and all the mystical powers of the jungle. Although this journey is a difficult one, I can always count on the people that I have met at the Gaia Tree for support. I miss my home at Gaia Tree and become overwhelmed with infinite gratitude. Thank you. ”

“My name is James, my partner and I, Natasha, chose Gaia Tree to embark on a healing journey, what we got instead was so much more. Our experience here was ineffable. The healing, the natural beauty, the shamans, facilitators and the people who shared this experience with us far exceeded what we could of hoped for. It has been the two most rewarding yet challenging weeks of our lives and we are eternally grateful for Gaia tree for guiding us through that process. The shamans and facilitators are not of this earth and are testament that magical people do actually exist. They have opened our eyes to a world otherwise hidden from us. Segundo, belmira, Cei Cei and Sally are remarkable entities from another dimension and they have changed our lives forever. We can not express our gratitude enough. For anyone who is looking for healing or direction in their lives, this is certainly the place to go. Many thanks and endless love, Natasha and James.I am SO glad I chose Gaiatree for my traditional healing ceremonies. Having two shamans gave us a balanced feminine/masculine energy mix and twice as long exposure to their powerful sound ceremonies. Since they are husband and wife their energies are infused with love. The simplicity of the tambo and grounds suited me, I love the deep nature connection and ‘roughing ‘ it. Our guides were caring, considerate, attentive and inclusive. I felt totally safe and protected. I really value the respectful way ceremonies and circle time were conducted. Ceremonies were powerful, really powerful. Food was delicious, prepared with love you could sense and taste. Simply the best way to journey into the healing world of ayahuasca that I can imagine. Much gratitude.”

“Words can not even come close to describing how amazing this experience was. Everyone from the facilitators, Marcos and Anna, the Shaman Segundo and Belmira, the support staff and their families, our Jungle Guide Victor, and the participants in our group, were aligned in perfect synchronicity. The setting is in the jungle two hours boat ride from the city of Nauta. (Just that alone was worth the price. Which was very affordable.) The ceremonies were the highest quality. And the connection to the Ayahuasca Spirit was stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced. Thanks to all the support, I was able to achieve my personal goals for this journey and much more. I made new friends from all over the world who feel like family. I highly recommend Gaia Tree Healing Center whether you’re an experienced traveller or a first time Ayahuasca journeyer. This place is truly unique.”

Ayahuasca Retreats At Gaia Tree

We offer 7 & 10 day retreats, with 4 or 6 Ayahausca ceremonies. Retreats are all inclusive with personal consultations, a focus on integration & support for processing your experience, nutritional Ayahuasca diet food, a family-like, supportive space for your healing journey all in a lush jungle environment.

Our retreats start at just $990

If this talks to your spirit, we invite you to come and join us in the Amazon

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