Kambo (Sapo) – Frog Medicine of the Amazon

Kambo, Sapo or Dow-Kiet is an ancient medicine from the Amazon jungle – a secretion from a large frog which is applied through a fresh burn directly into the bloodstream.

It is a deeply revered special medicine in the Amazonian jungle pharmacy – known in the jungle culture for strengthening, sharpening the fight or flight response and helping to bring balance in extreme circumstances. Bringing sharpness, clarity and vigour.

It’s a powerful purgative, offering deep purification – creating intense heat, so you may sweat, vomit, maybe with diahorea for a short time. It’s immediate physical effects are relatively short lived –  less than 20 minutes but this is an intense purge and purification.

The frog is also known as the Phyllomedusa bicolour frog, with the common name – the wax tree frog or the giant leaf frog. They typically range in size from 3 to 4.5 inches for an adult and have a lime green body with a white or yellow underside. It’s found in large numbers throughout the Amazon basin, abundant in Peru, Colombia, Brasil and the Guianas. They can be found on most of our jungle walks around Gaia Tree and the reserve around us.

The use of Kambo medicine is attributed by many to the Matses tribe, though there are some cultural groups that dispute this. One of the earliest people to report and write about it’s use in the West, was Peter Gorman in his book’ Sapo In My Soul’. Over 50 tribes of the Amazon basin have been known to use the medicine. 

In the Amazon basin, Ayahuasca medicine is not used in isolation by indigenous groups. There are a wealth of medicines, plants, secretions, barks etc that are important to the cultural etymology of the traditional use of Ayahuasca.
One such medicine is Kambo – as with Ayahuasca, the other medicines of the jungle are understood to have their own spirits by the indigenous shamanic cultures.

Some of the chemical and scientific observations that have been recorded, include:

  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Strong purge of the intestines
  • Increasing sensory perception
  • Acts as an analgesic, improving resistance, increasing physical strength
  • Improving tolerance to pain and stress
  • Improved digestion – the analgesic effect has been verified with renal colic pain caused by peripheral vascular insufficiency and cancer pains
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, able to destroy microbes and virus’ to heal infections
  • Has also been used to help people with addiction.

Kambó is known as a strong completely natural way to realise the potential of the immune system. It’s several thousand times stronger than morphine and 30 times stronger than B type endogenic endorphins.

Short term, there is a heightened state of alertness, a strong resistance to tiredness, an increase in the the ability to focus and concentrate, mental calmness. Longer term, it significantly empowers the immune system allowing you to overcome fatigue and improving health.

With Kambo medicine –  we awaken the body to its full potential of protection, strength and healing.

As with traditional use by the Matses and other tribes of the Amazon, kambo medicine is complementary to the Ayahuasca journey. We’re offering the opportunity to work with this revered medicine on our intensive medicine retreats with our Matse trained bushman.

On our 8 day retreats, we typically offer an optional Kambo ceremony for guests halfway through the retreat process. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask contact us to find out more.