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Gaia Tree Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check email or receive phone calls or text messages at Gaia Tree?2018-07-23T20:20:16+00:00

Not easily, we have a land line which we use for essential calls, otherwise there is no mobile phone reception this deep in the forest. We strongly recommend that you don’t engage in electronic communication or activity while at our center other than the most essential. If you’d like to let friends and family know you’ve arrived, you can do so before we board the boat in Nauta.

How long before the retreat should I begin the ayahuasca diet, and how important is it?2018-07-23T20:34:02+00:00

There is no definite answer to this question and different people have their own ideas. Some people are naturally very sensitive to ayahuasca and they will have powerful experiences no matter what kind of food they eat and so they don’t consider the diet to be important for themselves. However, many people, particularly if they’re coming from stressful and polluted environments, and if they don’t eat a really healthy diet normally will usually not have a high level of sensitivity to the ayahuasca and as a result the first 1 or 2 ceremonies are more for purging and cleansing.

Do I need any vaccinations?2018-07-23T20:28:58+00:00

There are no compulsory vaccinations in order to visit Peru. Yellow Fever is not necessary for Iquitos. The vaccinations that are the most recommended are Hepatitis A and Typhoid.

Should I take anti-malaria medication?2018-07-23T20:29:57+00:00

Although it’s not usually considered dangerous, mixing ayahuasca with anti-malaria medication can often have adverse effects on your experience and is generally not recommended. There is not a high risk of catching malaria in our location.

I don’t speak Spanish, is that a problem?2018-07-23T20:31:01+00:00

The retreats are held in English so don’t worry if you don’t speak a word of Spanish. 

What is the weather like?2018-07-23T20:32:55+00:00

Typically it rains more often between January and April. However, the weather in the rainforest around Iquitos is unpredictable all year around. There is no distinct dry season and wet season like you find in the mountains of Peru. Sometimes there are weeks where it hardly rains at all and other weeks can have a lot of heavy rainfall. However, an average week in Iquitos will be mostly dry and sunny with a few heavy rain showers scattered throughout the week. One thing is pretty much guaranteed is that whatever the amount of rain, the temperature will be hot and humid almost all the time.

Can I share accommodation with my friend/partner?2018-07-23T20:36:13+00:00

Currently, all our accommodations are large shared rooms only, of course we can accommodate you in the same space as your friend/partner.

Can you help me book my hotel?2018-07-23T20:38:58+00:00

Sorry, we have enough things to take care of without getting involved with hotel reservations. There are several Iquitos hotels and hostels that you can easily book online using or

We provide several hotel recommendations in a PDF document you will receive after registration.

Should I stop taking the contraceptive pill during the retreat?2018-07-23T20:39:53+00:00

There is no danger in taking contraceptive pills while drinking ayahuasca.

Can I smoke Marijuana during/right before/after the retreat?2018-07-23T20:41:33+00:00

We strictly forbid the use of marijuana and all other drugs during the retreat. Anybody caught using drugs may be asked to leave.

For some reason marijuana and ayahuasca don’t get along too well. Often heavy marijuana smokers find it difficult to have a strong ayahuasca experience. We highly recommend that you quit smoking marijuana as long as possible before the retreat. However, there is no danger in smoking marijuana right before or after the retreat.

What currency is the cost of the retreat?2018-07-23T20:42:33+00:00

All prices on the website are listed in US Dollars

Can I volunteer or do work exchange?2018-07-23T20:44:19+00:00

We may be looking for volunteers in the near future, but currently we have no positions available.

What are the size of your groups?2018-07-23T20:45:26+00:00

There will be no more than 12 people in each group and there will always be 2 facilitators working with each group.

Do I need to bring bedding or a sleeping bag?2018-07-23T20:46:23+00:00

No, all bedding and also a towel is provided. We will provide you with a list of things you should bring which is mostly just clothes and a few necessary items such as a flashlight.

Do you put any additives in your ayahuasca?2018-07-23T20:48:01+00:00

We never use any dangerous additives like Toe. However, our brew may at times contain other non-psychedelic healing plants.

I’m coming alone, is that safe?2018-07-23T20:48:47+00:00

Usually, most of the people in our groups come alone, so don’t worry about coming alone, you’ll be in good company. Also, Peru is a stable and predominantly safe country to travel in by yourself.

Do you provide any transport from the Airport in Iquitos when we arrive?2018-07-23T20:50:19+00:00

We do not arrange airport pick-ups if you are staying in a city hotel first. However, if you plan to travel directly to the center from the airport then we can arrange a pick-up. Many of the hotels will arrange airport pickups for you. We have arranged a discount with La Casona Hotel in Iquitos, if you’re staying with them for the first time then they will pick you up on arrival to the airport. Details of how to book are provided with your retreat registration information.

When should I arrive in Iquitos? / Can I arrive the same day as the retreat?2018-07-23T20:53:17+00:00

We strongly recommend that you arrive in Iquitos at least 1 day before the retreat begins and spend 1 night in a city hotel. You will be given a PDF when you register that contains some hotel recommendations including discounts. However, if you must arrive in Iquitos on the same day the retreat begins please make sure that your flight arrives in Iquitos no later than 8.30am as we have a drive followed by a boat ride to arrive at our center. We do go past the airport on the way to the Gaia Tree center so that we can pick you up if you arrive the same morning.

How do I get from Iquitos to Gaia Tree?2018-07-23T20:54:33+00:00

During group retreats we will arrange to meet you in the city on the first day of the retreat. You will be notified of the meeting place by email. On the last day of the retreat we will also bring your back to the city. It is also possible to drop you off at the airport if you are flying the same day. Please don’t book your return flight before 1 pm.

Where is Gaia Tree?2018-07-23T20:55:45+00:00

Gaia Tree center is located in virgin rainforest in the Amazon jungle. It’s approximately a 2 hour boat ride along an Amazon tributary river to reach our retreat center.

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