Plant Diets and Physical Cleanses

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We have come to realise that many of our guests would like to extend their stay with us, or extend their knowledge and healing work with the plants. With this in mind we are extending the offering of Gaia Tree to encompass Plant Diets and Physical Cleanses.

Outline of Curanderos working at Gaia Tree

One of the most important elements of plant work is finding a healer that you are comfortable to work with. Healing truly happens within and this can only happen in an environment of trust and a certain unquantifiable connection. There is no scientific way of outlining what that is because for each person this is different. At Gaia, we are opening this up in a number of ways. We can offer plant diets with our Shipibo Curandero, at his home in Pucallpa and also with a number of English speaking Curanderos who have been living and working in this area for some time based at the Gaia site.

Me, Mirav, Elise

Plant Diets:

Plant diets have been used to help heal more serious illnesses as well as part of a Shamanic path for centuries in this area. For different retreats and Shaman this varies depending on their style of working as well as the illness to be treated.

Many have used plant diets to prepare themselves for Ayahuasca, or in order to deepen their understanding in a more intensive way.

In the Amazonian tradition, each plant is seen as a great teacher of great wisdom and dieting with that plant allows for a connection to be formed and that knowledge or spirit to guide us. The plant diet process can give profound benefits including helping to resolve deep emotional and spiritual traumas, clearing energetic blocks, physical cleaning, providing centredness and grounding, opening more clarity on your direction in life and most importantly, experiencing an increased connection to yourself and nature.

Physical Cleanses

For some people the most important preparation that can be made for drinking medicine, and also to move on in life is a physical cleanse. This tends to be a short treatment lasting 7 days and focusing on the liver, stomach or bowel.

What does it consist of?

In general a plant diet with us is between 7-14 days. As well as drinking medicine agreed with the Curandero in advance, it also involves a more isolated period. This can be intensive and the main point of contact is the Curandero during the diet process. Although contact with others is possible, it is recommended to spend more time in isolation.

Medicine is prepared each day, or for some twice a day, and presented by the curandero. An icaro (healing song) is sang to the medicine in order to prepare the medicine to best allow the plant medicine to connect with the person, and the most effective healing to begin. During the diet certain meditation, exercises maybe suggested in order to best benefit from the medicine, although the majority of time is spent alone with our thoughts.

The food provided is fruit or vegetables, without salt, oil or any spices. The restricted diets allows the body to clean more effectively and also encourages the plant work that is being done.

How is this organised?

If this is something of interest to you, contact us, and we can arrange a one on one meeting with Curandero once you arrive in order to best cater to your needs.

What do I need to bring?

In general the usual supplies for time in a lodge in the jungle including clothing, towel, flashlight. In addition, it would be wise to bring a notepad, some music, something practical to make or do or a meaningful book you might able to dip into.

The most important thing to pack however, it is a commitment and understanding of the seriousness of this undertaking. This should only be considered if you are prepared to sit with yourself and undertake some deep emotional work in order to make changes. The plants work on a very deep level and can bring up patterns, behaviours, thought processes and with them emotions. This process can be turbulent and difficult and with that allows the change. It is therefore something that cannot be under taken lightly, and requires a commitment before starting to that process.


·         Avoid Sex for at least one day before the diet

·         Avoid alcohol and drugs for 1 week before hand

·         Avoid of pork for one week before hand.

Restrictions during the process:

·         All sex or sexual stimulation

·         Drugs or Alcohol

·         Pharmaceuticals and Prescription Medicines

·         Only eat food provided to you by the retreat

·         Avoid other people, and in particular touch.


Most of this work can be completed at Gaia Tree, allowing each person a personal cabin and relative seclusion as well as being close to the main body of the centre.

If you choose to work with Segundo, this will be based in his personal home in Pucallpa and the layout of the days will be slightly different allowing for his Shapibo tradition.


The cost for a one week (8 day) diet is $800, for a two week diet it is $1,400.

We would likely be able to establish if a two week diet is more appropriate for you when you get in contact with us before booking. For the majority of people a one week diet is the most appropriate and two weeks can be intensive, although it depends on the individual’s needs. We would also recommend allowing yourself a few days before and after, only because this can put extra stress when travelling immediately.