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Gaia Tree Retreats

Gaia Tree Maloka

8 Day Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

Our sacred Ayahuasca healing retreat at the Gaia Tree Center, outside Iquitos, Peru in virgin rainforest, is a  great introduction to working with the sacred medicine with 5 ceremonies over 7 nights. Ayahuasca has been used by the indigenous culture of the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years for the purpose of healing and spiritual awakening.

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Machu Picchu

9 Day Peru Pilgrimage Adventure

The Peru Pilgrimage tour is perfect if you’re looking to see the main highlights of Peru but don’t have bags of time. This one week adventure takes in Cusco, The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, as well as including a sacred San Pedro ceremony. It can also be combined with our 8 day ayahuasca retreat creating an amazing 18 day experience.

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Dramatic View of Machu Picchu shrouded in clouds

22 Day Peru Odyssey Adventure

Join us on an amazing 3-week spiritual odyssey through the ancient and mystical lands of Peru. Beginning at Gaia Tree in the Amazon rainforest, we’ll spend a week working with the sacred ayahuasca medicine. After Gaia Tree, we will travel to Cusco, the Sacred Valley and of course Machu Picchu. Then we finish at Lake Titicaca.

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Non-Peruvian Tours

All our non-Peruvian tours are organised and run by Outer Travels Inner Journeys

Temple Ruined Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia

A Spiritual Journey in Cambodia

Exotic, enigmatic and distinctly ancient temples illustrate the powerful, wealthy and sophisticated culture of the Khmer Empire with Angkor Wat the sublime jewel in the crown with its almost unearthly construction. This incredible complex was the largest pre-industrial urban centre in the world at its peak between the 11th – 13th century. This is Cambodia, a multi-faceted country of extremes tucked between Thailand and Vietnam where many more temples are being discovered now through cutting edge airborne laser scanning technology revealing that Cambodia may soon rival Peru with its ancient strongholds and sacred sites.

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