Machu Picchu Tour FAQ

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When and where does the tour start?

The tour always begins on a Saturday before the start of the Gaia Tree retreat. See the Machu Picchu tour page for the actual dates. The group will meet at 10am at the hotel you will be staying on the first night. You will be advised about the hotel several weeks before the tour begins.

How long is the tour?

The actual tour itself is 7 full days. Then there is a day of travel between Cusco and Iquitos (via Lima) and then you have a full day of rest in Iquitos before the Gaia Tree retreat begins. Your hotel in Iquitos is included in the cost.

What flights are included?

All the domestic flights in Peru are included in the tour. That includes a return flight to Cusco from Lima and a return flight to Iquitos from Lima. The only flight you need to purchase is your international flight to Lima.

When do I fly to Cusco?

You can decide the day you fly to Cusco and we will then book the flight for you. It is possible to fly to Cusco early morning (about 6am) on the day the tour begins however we strongly recommend that you fly to Cusco at least 24 hours before the tour begins so that you can acclimatize and get over any jetlag you may have. You can fly to Cusco as many days before the tour begins as you wish.

Currently all flights to Cusco are between 6am and 2pm. Many international flights to Lima arrive in the evening, so you may need to spend a night in Lima before flying to Cusco. Most people coming on our tours arrive in Lima on Thursday, fly to Cusco on Friday and then begin the tour on Saturday.

When do I fly back to Lima after the Gaia Tree retreat?

Again, you can choose the date. If you want to remain in Iquitos for anytime after the retreat that’s fine. Just let us know the dates you want to fly.