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For People interested in experiencing ayahuasca…


Discover our free guide to connecting with the ancient Shamanic plant medicine Ayahuasca, that continues to radically transform the lives of many across the world.

In this comprehensive guide, we cover:

  • What is ayahuasca? Aya safety & popularity
  • Find a good authentic experienced shaman in the Amazon
  • Traveling to Peru – How to travel here safely
  • Ayahuasca Integration into your life can be challenging, so we share tips on how to smooth the process

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Journey With Ayahuasca Ebook Cover
  1. What is ayahuasca? Many other books and resources cover this ground and it’s beyond my scope to cover this in-depth but I do provide a brief introduction to what ayahuasca is.
  2. How to know if ayahuasca is right for you. I don’t believe that absolutely everyone should drink ayahuasca. Some people (perhaps most people!) aren’t ready for this type of experience. In the book I provide a series of questions to help you decide whether you’re ready for an ayahuasca experience.
  3. Is Ayahuasca dangerous? Ayahuasca is generally safe for most people, however it can be dangerous for some people under certain circumstances. Here I explain what those circumstances are and when you should avoid drinking ayahuasca.
  4. Why has ayahuasca become so popular? Twenty years ago very few people had even heard of ayahuasca let alone experienced it. More recently its popularity has increased so much that even Elle Magazine is covering it! Why do people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life have an interest in experiencing ayahuasca?
  5. How to experience ayahuasca. In this chapter I explain the different ways you can experience ayahuasca both in Peru and around the world.
  6. How to find a good shaman. My primary recommendation is that you experience ayahuasca with an authentic and highly experienced shaman from the Amazon. But what makes a good shaman, and how do you find one? I provide a few pointers.
  7. What is the ayahuasca diet. I explain what you need to know about the ayahuasca diet and whether you should follow it?
  8. Should you drink ayahuasca alone? Is it ever a good idea to cook your own ayahuasca and drink alone?
  9. What happens during an ayahuasca ceremony. Here I provide some helpful information about how to prepare and what to expect from a typical ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon. I also provide a few tips on how to have the best possible experience.
  10. Traveling to Peru. The third part of the ebook is essentially a travel guide for coming to Peru. I’ll share the best way to get here and how to travel safely.
  11. Ayahuasca Integration. Integrating the ayahuasca experience into your normal life can be a real challenge for some people. In the final part of the book, I share some tips on how you can make the integration process smoother and easier.

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A superb consolidation of everything one needs to know when considering delving into the fascinating and magical world of Ayahuasca. It is filled to the brim with useful and in some cases critical tips that will ensure a safe and purposeful journey. I think what I liked most about the book was the fact that it does not preach or try to impose any beliefs or opinions on the reader. A book like this could have saved me a lot of time and worry had it been available prior to my jungle endeavor earlier this year and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of traveling to Peru to experience nature’s wonderful gift of Ayahuasca.

Phil Campbell, Ireland

This is a must read for anyone new to ayahuasca medicine. Andy’s e-book provides important information and advice for those traveling to Peru (particularly the Iquitos area) to partake in ayahuasca ceremonies. The information he shares serves as a practical yet spiritual guide to having a safe experience with La Medicina

Jill Stokesbury, Canada