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Gaia Tree Facilities


Our giant ceremonial maloka is a communal space in all sense of the word. It is where we all eat together at meal times. The many hammocks around the edge provide a perfect place for rest and relaxtion during the day. It is also where we hold our group circles to share our experiences which always creates a deeper connection between the group. And of course, it’s where we hold our amazing and powerful ceremonies in the evening.


Toilets & Showers

We may be deep in the jungle, but we’re not totally primitive. We’re sure you’ll be happy to know that we have modern toilets and showers for your pleasure and comfort. There are four toilets and four showers which is more than plenty for a group of no more than twelve people.


Our accommodations are shared jungle lodge cabins with comfortable beds, they are relatively simple (no AC or television) in an amazing location in primary rainforest. Each cabin is partitioned so that you still have your own privacy. Often times monkeys, sloths and other friendly animals come to share the abundant fruit around the lodge. You’ll be immersed in nature while offering plenty of personal space in the large moloka or the meditation space. 

Gaia Tree Center Kitchen


Our kitchen staff love that we have a modern kitchen (by jungle standards) in order to cook you delicious meals throughout your retreat.

Look-out Platform

We have an amazing look-out platform where you can immerse yourself in the jungle. It extends out over the river (during high water season), and it is a perfect place for witnessing the sights and smells of the surrounding Amazon rainforest. You can witness many types of birds and sometimes monkeys, and you’ll also see various boats going about their business on the river. This is also where you will have your flower bath before ceremonies.