Ayahuasca Retreat Center update – We’re now located in primary rainforest next to a reserve on the Yarapa river, a few hours travel away from Iquitos. You’ll get a real Amazon jungle experience with an abundance of wildlife as part of your retreat – the area has been featured in National Geographic in recent years.

 Amazon Ayahuasca Healing Retreat in Peru

Gaia Tree Retreat Center is located in the heart of the rainforest, dedicated to providing a space for deep healing and nourishment. We offer intensive retreats in a premium location with brand new, warm, jungle lodge facilities. Our retreats are ideal for those seeking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing in a loving space while experiencing the beauty of the sights and sounds of the jungle.

Shamans and Medicine Plants

Gaia Tree healers Segundo & Belmira are indigenous Shipibo maestros. They hold powerful heart centered ceremonies, harmoniously balancing masculine and feminine energy. They are dedicated to sharing their healing path with others and providing individual attention to each of our guests. We accept a maximum of 12 participants to ensure you have the personal attention you need throughout the retreat.

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What makes Gaia Tree so special?

Retreat Info

If you are…

Looking for cleansing and healing for your body, mind & emotions or seeking guidance, a sense of purpose or pursuing self-love, understanding and acceptance.

If you understand the power of connecting to Mother Ayahuasca with authentic Amazonian Shaman

If you are hearing a call to come to the jungle to deepen your connection with yourself and Ayahuasca, or you want to go deeper on your spiritual journey

And if you value connecting to Mother nature in an immersive jungle environment in a loving family-like space

Then this retreat is for you!

Retreat Details

What people are saying about Gaia Tree

“I am SO glad I chose Gaiatree for my traditional healing ceremonies. Having two shamans gave us a balanced feminine/masculine energy mix and twice as long exposure to their powerful sound ceremonies. Since they are husband and wife their energies are infused with love. The simplicity of the tambo and grounds suited me, I love the deep nature connection and ‘roughing ‘ it. Our guides were caring, considerate, attentive and inclusive. I felt totally safe and protected. I really value the respectful way ceremonies and circle time were conducted. Ceremonies were powerful, really powerful. Food was delicious, prepared with love you could sense and taste. Simply the best way to journey into the healing world of ayahuasca that I can imagine. Much gratitude.”

Annie S

“I’m grateful to Gaia Tree for providing me just what I was looking for, it was important for me to drink Ayahuasca in a safe and loving environment and I wanted to be immersed in the jungle away from the madness of the outside world.  And as an added bonus, I was hoping to connect with like minded folk from around the world and I surely wasn’t disappointed on any counts. ”


“The journey within begins at Gaia Tree. The experience was AMAZING. I’m a person that is spiritual but love the nice things about me. At Gaia Tree nothing was lost and everything gained. I can not say enough incredible things about this retreat. First , the staff was warm and friendly and very understanding. Second, everything provided was absolutely everything I really needed. I thought I would have a hard time adjusting to the place and boy was I wrong. I found I took to the place like a duck to water. If you are looking for a journey into “YOU”. This is the absolute experience. I met loving caring people who I am proud to call my family. The accommodations and atmosphere were perfect. I wanted to get to know the real me and I found him. Thank you!! Finding the peace within was the true gift that Gaia Tree helped me find. I liked the simplicity of things this place offers and not classes and fillers that others places offer. If you are looking for a true spiritual awakening this is the only retreat to consider. ”

Julian Georgeo

“Gaia tree gave me so much. A sense of being connected to the earth and the people around. I was able to share my experiences in a safe place with others who have great insight. I would recommend me Gaia tree to everyone and of course I’m coming back”

Rome Jones

“This is the place for you who are looking for simplicity, silence and lots of space for body, mind and soul. Nothing that distracts you except your own mind 🙂 The people working there to create the best experience for you are generous, kind, full of laughter and very present. You feel very safe and very good taken care of and there is always someone to talk to and share your thoughts with. A very allowing and joyful atmosphere.”


“Back in July, 2016, I went to Gaiatree for a week-long retreat. It was a truly magical and healing experience. The jungle setting is pure and basic, no distractions, just nature. The shipibo shaman and his wife lead the ceremonies, held the space and sang beautiful icaros to support us in our journey. Our guides, Victoria and Zuzana, are wise and beautiful people with extensive experience. I have felt safe and supported all throughout my stay. The group process was powerful in itself, as sharing in our experiences was an important part of integration. Next time in Peru, I will be going to Gaiatree again. I highly recommend them!”

Arno Mühren
Retreat Guru

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