Manager, Facilitator and Curandera

Victoria has a business background in a number of different industries but extensively in the property world, where she worked in many countries and on some of the largest international property transactions. She cites her business background for how she honed her international English accent, philosophical attitude and co-ordination skills, leaving her with a no nonsense direct approach to well, just about everything.

She arrived in Peru in 2012, and following a short Ayahuasca retreat, ended up apprenticed with a famous Tobaccero in Iquitos, where she expanded her knowledge of the healing work of the plants and people. She has been working with plants, independently of her Maestro, but often in contact with him, for just over one year.

In July 2016, she started working for Gaia as a facilitator and within a month she was running the place, staff and the owner. The various and constantly shifting needs of Gaia Tree means she enjoys the challenge of the work as well as most importantly helping to provide the safe space and support for our guests to make the most from their experience.
She looks forward to meeting you soon.