Iquitos Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Iquitos for Ayahuasca Tourists The majority of people who come to Peru to experience ayahusca each year make their way to Iquitos where most of of the Peruvian retreat centers are located. Of course, it's also possible to experience ayahuasca in places such as Pucallpa, [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Ayahuasca – Spiritual Medicine from the Amazon Rainforest

What is Ayahuasca Ayahuasca is the name given to a sacred plant medicine that comes from the Amazon rainforest where the indigenous people of the jungle have likely used it for thousands of years. However, ayahuasca is no garden-variety plant medicine. The effects of ayahuasca are as extraordinary as they are [...]

How Ayahuasca Can Heal Depression – A Resource of Articles and Studies

How Ayahuasca Can Heal Depression - A Resource of Articles and Studies Ayahuasca has attracted lots of attention in recent years throughout the Western wold. It's known as a powerful psychoactive plant medicine and has a rich history of use among indigenous communities of the Amazon basin for deep, lasting powerful healing. It's [...]

Welcome to the Gaia Tree blog

Just q quick note to say welcome to the Gaia Tree blog. Over the coming weeks and months we'll be posting articles and reflections on the subject of ayahuasca, plant healing, shamanism and Peru. We have lots of things to share, so check back regularly if these subjects interest you.