About Gaia Tree

The Gaia Tree Center is located in the beautiful Amazon rainforest, close to the city of Iquitos in Peru.

This is the Ayahuasca retreat for Outer Travels Inner Journeys, owned and operated by Andy & Omkar. Both have been through a deep journey with Mother Ayahuasca over the years and feel called to share the path of growth, healing and deep transformation with others.

Gaia Tree Healing Center offers a simple, rustic environment to connect deeply with these sacred plant teachers for deep healing – offering authentic, quality retreats for an affordable price. Connecting with powerful, humble and heartfelt indigenous Shipibo shamans – we create a space for deep, long lasting healing to occur. Having been on this transformational journey, we understand the space needed for processing and integrating the transformational journey that Ayahusca will take you on.

The Gaia Tree center is not a newly built center. It was originally built by the Paititi Institute. However, in 2014 they decided to leave the jungle and relocate their center near Cusco. Paititi still owns the center but are permitting Gaia Tree to use it. We are not associated with or endorsed by the Paititi Institute.


Outer Travels Inner Journeys

The Shamans

Your trusted guide for this journey is indigenous Shipibo shaman Segundo Pangoza Chani. Segundo is 59 years old and has been a healer since he was 16. Segundo is joined by his wife Belmira Chavez Fernandez who is also a powerful healer, together they create a powerful heart centered journey harmoniously balancing masculine and feminine energy to facilitate healing. They seamlessly blend power and heart in a deep, loving ceremonial space. The Shipibo tribe are considered masters of Ayahuasca throughout the Amazon basin. Their unique artworks are known throughout the jungle and are deeply connected to their work with this sacred medicine.

The Team

Our experienced team has a combined 10 years experience in operating Ayahuasca retreats in Peru. 

Andy has been organising and facilitating Ayahuasca retreats since 2011 after many years of self-discovery with medicine plants. He moved to Peru in 2009, and since then his mission has been connecting people to this sacred plant medicine and indigenous maestros in a natural jungle setting, in the most authentic possible way. Welcoming over a thousand visitors to date.

Omkars journey has been a dance with Shamanic plant teachers and meditation from the East over the last twenty years, learning from many mystical traditions whilst travelling and living in different parts of the world for the last 13 years. He also helps many to connect deeper through meditation, deep emotional healing and personal therapies as he travels across India, Europe and South America.

Gaia Tree is where this deep healing and transformation is realised, connecting sacred plant teachers with a rich understanding and insight of the inner dimensions to facilitate profound inner growth. It’s our pleasure and privilege to share the journey you.