Gaia Tree Center – Ayahuasca Retreats Near Iquitos, Peru

Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine retreats at Gaia Tree Center

Join us at Gaia Tree for an immersive journey of transformation with Ayahuasca and Amazonian plant medicines.

We are offering intensive retreats for people who are seeking deep healing and spiritual growth with ayahuasca.

You’ll receive initial consultations with our experienced shamans, supported by English-speaking facilitators, to discover whether you require additional plant medicines.

Offering plenty of privacy you’ll stay in your own ‘tambo’, set in a secluded corner of this beautiful part of the Amazon Jungle. If you do want some interaction you’re welcome to join our group circles when, and as, you please and there is a delightful communal hall to get together with anyone else on retreat.

With four ceremonies held in the Maloca you’ll have the time and space to explore your journey as well as have integration time in between – an absolute must for getting the most out of Ayahuasca’s wisdom to take your learning home with you. With facilitators available daily you’ll be able to check in to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience.

Our food is necessarily simple and authentic in order to adhere to the requirements for taking Ayahuasca and shamanic plant diets.

Gaia Tree is wonderfully accessible – just over an hour from the airport at Iquitos and not far from a main road, although you’d never know it as you are far enough away to hear only the intensely magical sounds of the rainforest.

This authentic immersion with the ‘mother of all sacred plant medicines’ is all at an affordable inclusive price.

Everything we do here at Gaia Tree is to create the most conducive space for you to re-connect with your truest Self through these profound and life-changing ceremonies.